Welcome to – a guide to the town of Manningtree in the county of Essex, England. The name “Manningtree” is derived from “many trees” and lies along the River Stour. The town claims to be the smallest in the United Kingdom, but has perhaps lost this title, as their population of 900 people is twice that of a town called Fordwich in Kent.

Whilst Manningtree is not very well known, there are a couple of notable figures that once lived in town. Margaret Thatcher, the Prime Minister for the UK from 1979 to 1990, once lived and worked in Manningtree at a company called BX Plastics. Also, Matthew Hopkins, the famous English witch-hunter, lived in Manningtree and it was here in town that he supposedly overheard some women discussing their encounter with the Devil. This ultimately led to the first accusations of witchcraft in 1645.

Despite its small size, Manningtree has plenty to keep its visitors entertained. The town has a small local museum, expanding on the town’s history and detailing Hopkins’ witch-hunt in the mid 1600s. Other places of interest include the High Street, Manningtree Beach, South Street and Wherry Corner. The town also hosts a market in the town square on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

And what trip to Manningtree would be complete without a pub-crawl between the Crown, the Red Lion and the White Hart? Whilst the Crown and the White Hart also double as bed and breakfasts, the Red Lion claims to the oldest pub in town and has an extensive list of ales.

There are Many(ing) tree-ts to discover in Manningtree!

Your guide to the town of Manningtree